28 children sent to Day Camp

With the help of a special grant from ourpartners at the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ, JSS was able to provide 28 children with partial camp scholarships.

The number one criteria was need, based on the parent needing to stay home from work to care for the child. We do everything we can to encourage work and looking for work. By providing a scholarship, several parents were able to continue their hours at their job or continue their job seeking efforts.   The second criteria is the situation at home and the  evaluation that the child needs some time away from a stressful or unhappy situation. 

Over $22,000 was invested in this program, $8,000 coming from Federation. The letters and cards we receive from some of the children are heart wrenching. For many, it is the only jouful and positive expierience they have expierienced in the past year.