Day Camp for Needy Jewish Children

For more than 40 years the Jewish Social Service Committee has provided day camp scholarships to needy children in our community. These are needs based scholarships, with two main criteria. First is financial need; second is the questiondoes a parent need to take time off from work to care for a child during the summer.  The unfortunate situation in our community is that we always receive more requests than we can accomodate. The positive news is that we were able to allocate more than $10,000 to 16 families. These scholarships would not be possible without the support of the community. Our Passover fund drive provided much of the support for this program.

Thanks to our Jewish Federation (recently merged Middlesex and Monmouth Federations), we received the last of a special Hurricane Sandy grant specificaly designated for Jewish camping. This grant was provided by a Foundationand could be used only for families that were impacted by Sandy. The unfortunate reality is that there are still families in our community who have yet to recover. Adding to misfortune, three of the families have special needs children. We are pleased that in cooperation with our Federation, 8 children will benefit from this grant and attend Jewsih camps this summer.