Teacher who is a Stroke Survivor

BV was a math science teacher for twelve years. After a series of strokes, his teaching contract was not renewed. During these illnesses, he developed another condition that resulted in the amputation of a leg.

Between the uncovered costs and the slowness of government agencies, he was having a difficult time getting a prostetic leg. In addition to the situation of his leg, his condo was in foreclosure, he was behind in PSEG bills, and the only meal he received was from Kosher Meals on Wheels.

Jewish Social Service was able to turn BV's life around! His car was fitted with a special operating device, so he could drive with one leg. We paid for the special driving lessons he needed so he is no longer home bound. We were able to get his utility bills current and he was able to come to an agreement to remove the foreclosure from his condo. We provided him with supermarket food gift cards for three months. He is still awaiting the prosthesis, but now is up and around.

His desire is to return to teaching.